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Announcements and developments
Open mic nights

We are working tirelessly to bring back our open mic nights that were initially hosted by our friends at the Crane Branch Library in Buffalo, NY. Due to popular demand, we are in the process of devising region wide influence that would allow the event to be hosted in multiple facilities. At this point we are looking for volunteers to support our cause and dedicate one night per week to make this vision a possibility. If you are interested in donating your time, please contact us at

Referral page by region

Individualized referrals are at the forefront of our efforts as an organization. TWTYE team members are currently in the process of scheduling meetings with local providers to determine who has the most comprehensive and caring services in your community. Stay tuned for a whole page that will outline TWTYE-approved providers! If you need a referral or support at this time, head over to our “contact us” page to get in touch.