Community Outreach

Eliminate the Stigma

TWTYE, Inc believes that it is important to be vocal and involved with communities that are affected by Mental Health and addiction concerns. Our team uses awareness and networking to get our message across. Check out our upcoming events page to join us in your community to start a conversation about working for change and being the difference. If you are in need of support or assistance, check out some of our services below. TWTYE provides knowledge, encouragement, and resources to people, families, and communities affected by Mental Health and addiction problems.

Prevention and Intervention

Listen, Support, Love

TWTYE aspires to identify the most helpful and comprehensive support available in nearby communities. We dedicate time to research effective and individualized services that are valuable to  people experiencing emotional struggles. One of our biggest goals is to search, find, and advocate for beneficial groups, links, podcasts, providers, and all other information that coincides with our mission. Get connected with other people and providers in our live chat discussion to give or receive incredibly individualized information.

TWTYE uses social media platforms as an access point to provide support and understanding in an online setting. We utilize online resources to start a conversation and share stories of hope  for individuals affected by addiction and Mental Health struggles. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are set up to spread a positive message that promotes encouraging and passionate posts.

Incorporating Creativity
    Working to impact local and online communities

    Our office is your community. We intend on making a difference by collaborating with trustworthy professionals and individuals who have personally experienced emotional struggles. It’s time to bring the fight for change in Mental Health and addiction beyond just office spaces.

    Giving you the stage to voice your opinions

    This is all about you. If desired, the stage is yours. Voice your frustrations, barriers, and struggles. TWTYE, Inc wants your viewpoints to be front and center.

    Bringing together people who care

    Our team of supporters and volunteers all believe in working toward positive and beneficial changes. Our team will be committed to bringing positivity, hope, and happiness into the lives of people we will be working with.

    Providing one-on-one attention

    There will be a heavy emphasis on treating each person individually to identify specific ways to assist each person in a positive and beneficial way.

Need immediate assistance?
Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Treatment referrals: 1-800-662-4357